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    National Health Service​

    Acute Care

    Overcome low staff morale. reduce lack of cohesion in management

    Acute Hospital

    CQC Ratings

    An Acute hospital Provider received CQC ratings where they were shown to be lacking in core areas. One of their greatest challenges was a disengaged and demoralised workforce. This was not helped by the numerous leadership changes which could be viewed as a key factor to low moral overall. Having undertaken the Ryalto programme they were not only able to see improvements over 2 years across many different areas; they also reported their latest performance to be at a 5 year record high.

    Healthy cultures in the NHS are crucial to high quality care

    The Kings Fund

    Trust improves CQC rating and is lifted out of Special Measures

    Out of 44 Areas Assessed
    Out of 29 Areas Assessed

    This Trust suffered from low staff morale and multiple leadership changes.

    Multiple inspections from CQC between August 2017 and August 2019 have shown improvements in a number of key areas and overall.

    One of the Trust’s 2 A&E Hospitals has now moved from ‘inadequate’ to ‘Good’ overall. 

    Continuous improvements with the latest performance set as a record high for 5 years. 

    Huge ongoing improvements in metrics around dealing with complaints and serious incidents.

    Standardised mortality rates have dropped year on year from 109% to 102%.