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    Mental Health Provider

    Residential Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Provider​

    Tackle organisations growth hindrances, to allow for sustainable expansion.

    Service Provider

    Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

    A care service provider specializing in residential mental health showed that overall they performed strongly with a good solid culture. However, some behavioural challenges within the workforce had hindered them from being able to grow without affecting quality. Read on to see how we isolated and defined key behaviours. Important changes were made, leading to greater ownership and accountability, with fewer errors and a more relaxed environment for staff and clients alike.

    Improvement is not a task, it's a mindset

    John Bacon, Head of Product

    Service provider targets performance using behavioural change – with remarkable results

    Average Incidents

    The Provider had good culture and strong performance however suffered from growing pains and was unable to make progress with compliance. Their issues were mostly behavioural.

    Average Financial Errors

    Key behaviours we identified were chosen to promote team ethics, positivity, ownership and accountability.

    Average Medicational Errors

    Greater accountability drove compliance against care plans, resulting in fewer incidents and medication/ other errors.


    Fewer incidents meant a more relaxed environment, greater progress for residents and less stressed, happier staff so lower absenteeism.