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    Ryalto for Healthcare (May 2021)

    The Leading Mobile App For Healthcare Organisations

    Ryalto is an interactive smartphone application aimed at improving communication, connectivity and flow within organisations in the healthcare sector.

    Still using WhatsApp? Ryalto is built for Healthcare.

    Staff Bank Management / Deployment




    Live across 72 NHS trusts and over 40 private hospitals with 100,000 users, Ryalto is the leading mobile app for healthcare organisations to:

     Build, manage and deploy their own in-house Staff Bank, avoiding costly recruitment agency fees whist utilising the most committed and high-quality, flexible workers.

     Display live news and the latest protocols for all staff regarding a specific location/facility and the wider healthcare organisation.

     Push instant alerts to all or a segment of staff and receive instant feedback.

     Provide a safe and secure communication and messenger app for all staff – all of the benefits of WhatsApp and none of the risks.

     Measure and report on success whilst informing strategy with data via the included analytics reports.

     Connect staff to other in-house systems via their own mobile phone and Ryalto’s APIs.

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