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    Ryalto Connect
    1 App 3 Benefits

    • Connect
    • Update
    • Organise

    Engage your workforce like
    never before


    Imagine a workforce completely connected with your organisation’s goals as well as each other. The time for imagining is over as we release Ryalto CONNECT. Experience engagement like never before.

    Direct Messaging

    We've made connecting with your colleagues direct, easy and fun!

    Group Chats

    Company events, leaving do's, whatever the occasion, set up a group chat and get organised.

    Staff Search

    Search for colleagues based on skills, languages or roles. The full depth of the whole workforce, at your fingertips.

    “You can build a relationship with your organisation in a more creative way. A lot of staff don’t have the time to log on and read your blogs on the intranet, with Ryalto you’re a lot more accessible to your teams on the ground.”

    Clare Culpin, Managing Director at Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals

    Staff Networking

    Keep up to date with your status, blog and feed whilst viewing what other's have said.


    At Ryalto Connect our team knows that great organisations are great at sharing knowledge and information. The more up to date your workforce is, the more aligned they will be to your organisation’s goals. Streamline all news, messages and critical announcements through one. powerful app.
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    Targeted Messages

    Effortlessly send targeted messages to specific colleagues at any time.

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    24/7 Access

    Give your workforce first hand access to all the latest company news and updates.

    “The Ryalto app is really improving how doctors communicate. I can keep up with relevant career opportunities, events, and news all via the app, as well as instantly connect with my colleagues across Wessex!”

    Dr Alice Hart
    Seamless & Effective
    Save hours by deploying our app to do multiple jobs, seamlessly and effectively. No more logging into multiple systems or waiting to be at your desk. Do it all on the move.
    Shift Management
    Staff can book, reschedule and cancel shifts all from the app. Immediate, swift notifications are received immediately.
    Details & Information
    Search and connect with colleagues by name, grade or skill, instantly.


    Say goodbye to poor phone signals, printed rosters on your wall, and post-it notes on your desk. Our bespoke interface has been designed to dissolve all of those hassles into a manageable, accessible App.


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    Search for 'Ryalto' in Google Play or the App Store.

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    Download and enter your details to sign up.

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    Explore and enjoy. Rate our app out of 5 stars!

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