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    Connecting people to purpose


    Ryalto’s highly experienced team is committed to improving engagement, culture and performance across organisations

    Our team of expert consultants have strong leadership backgrounds spanning health, social care, professional services and hospitality sectors.

    • A smartphone based app has been designed – and is proven – to deliver high levels of engagement, and significant financial savings.

    • A culture change methodology that is proven to deliver measurable change and improvement.

    • Expertise that will help you to engage and empower your workforce.

    A unique approach using interactive technology and bespoke culture change programs


    We help you achieve your strategic goals with 3 distinct services



    Employees coached by us


    saved p/year on agency staff bookings in one NHS Trust alone


    Shifts booked in a year using our app


    Industry Sectors


    “The Program has made a real difference to the culture of our colleagues and the experience of our patients…”

    Program  Lead, NHS Acute Hospitals Trust

    Jonathan Williams

    CEO of NHS Community Health Service Provider

    Read what he had to say >

    We set out with the ambition to build a positive culture and unique identity for our social enterprise. They took an interest in our vision and helped us create a way forward that we all own and feel part of.  Working with them has been like having expert, critical friends who are patient, reflective and considered in helping us find our way’.

    Jonathan Williams
    CEO NHS Community Health Services Provider


    Head of QI

    Head of Quality Improvement at Worcester Acute Hospitals

    Read what they had to say >

    It has been great to return to the Trust and see behavioural changes – delivering our quality improvement objectives has been made easier through those cultural improvements.

    Head of Quality Improvement
    at Worcester Acute Hospitals

    Joe Harrison

    CEO of Milton Keynes University Hospital

    Read what he had to say >

    The Ryalto app is allowing our nurses and doctors to book shifts and work in our hospitals in a way that we’ve never been able to achieve previously. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s direct and it gives people that choice of where they want to work and when!


    CEO of Milton Keynes University Hospital

    Clare  Culpin

    Managing Director at Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals

    Read what she had to say >

    You can build a relationship with your organisation in a more creative way. A lot of staff don’t have the time to log on and read your blogs on the intranet, with Ryalto you’re a lot more accessible to your teams on the ground.

    Managing Director at Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals

    Head of Quality

    Head of Quality at Lifeways Group

    Read what they had to say >

    In terms of outcome, there is no doubt in my mind that we are a better organisation…  I thought the programme was a revelation.  I continue to use the concepts now in the way I deal with services I work with as well as on a personal basis.


    Head of Quality
    at Lifeways Group

    Program Lead

    NHS Acute  Trust

    Read what they had to say >

    The Programme has made a real difference to the culture of our colleagues and the experience of our patients.

    NHS Acute Trust

    Emma Hopkins

    Registered Manager at Lifeways Group

    Read what she had to say >

    We introduced the programme to strengthen our culture and service performance.  There are many positive stories to share from individual staff members, teams, and the service as a whole.  And, most importantly, the people we support.  Positivity, team commitment and accountability have all become embedded ways of working, as well as a greater cost-consciousness.


    Registered Manager
    at Lifeways Group

    Dr. Alice Hart

    Wessex Deanery

    Read what she had to say >

    The Ryalto app is really improving how doctors communicate. I can keep up with relevant career opportunities, events, and news all via the app, as well as instantly connect with my colleagues across Wessex!

    Wessex Deanery